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Bon-Bon Recipe / Meerkats Don't like Snow   
10:25am 18/12/2007
mood: "working"
My co-worker brought in these "bon-bons" today and they are so light (tasting, not in calories) and delicious. Since I haven't tried to make them yet, I can't really say how difficult they are.  They don't sound too crazy to me, but my co-worker said they are "labor-intensive."

Picture of the Day: Snowkats?

The SD Wild Animal Park puts snow in practically all the exhibits during the holidays.  I find this pretty ridiculous considering Meerkats live primarily in the Kalahari DESERT in South Africa.  One of them tip-toed around another hunk of snow close to the edge of the exhibit, being extremely careful not to touch it, probably thinking something like "what the DEUCE is this?"

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Vote 4 Bailey!   
12:42pm 05/12/2007
mood: tired
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Click on the picture and vote :)

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Cafe Dreams and Beer Bread (you must try, seriously)   
06:12pm 04/12/2007
mood: indecisive
Perhaps I need to open a Cupcake Cafe like this: Calico Cafe Opens in Tokyo
I'm thinking it will be called "Kitten's Cupcake Cafe."  What do you think?

While perusing recipes on recipezaar  (like any normal person would do), I came across the following recipe for Beer Bread.  IT IS DELICIOUS and insanely easy to make!!!!!  It took me about 5 minutes to throw together.  Everyone should make it, stat and ASAP!!

Beer Bread

3 Cups of sifted flour
3 teaspoons of baking powder (omit if using self-rising flour, which is what I used and I highly recommend)
1 teaspoon of salt (omit too if using self-rising)
1/4 Cup of sugar (use a smidge more if using dark beer)
12 oz of your favorite beer (or least favorite.  FYI 12oz = 1 can)
1/2 cup of melted butter (1/4 cup is enough, but 1/2 is tastier)

1) Preheat oven to 375*
2) Mix the SIFTED (this is key) flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar in a medium bowl (MIX WELL)
3) Dump the beer in and mix it up
4) Put in a greased loaf pan (will be thick).  Spread it around a bit so it is even, and pour melted butter over the top.
5) Bake for 1 hour (or until top is golden-brown and middle is not doughy)
6)  Cool for at least 15 minutes before devouring

  • YOU MUST SIFT (otherwise it will turn out not delicious)
  • 1st time I made this I used Stella Artois and it was perfect.  2nd time I made it I used Guinness and it was a bit too strong.  Conclusively, I suggest using lighter beers.
  • Lyric mixed some soft butter with honey and spread it on ze beer bread.  It was tasty, I highly recommend this method of consumption.

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Not Surprising   
02:14pm 29/11/2007

Grey's Anatomy, Which Character Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Izzie Stevens

You are the underdog, the one that has to work the hardest to reach your goals. You are liked by all, but have a tendancy to be emotional. You expect your friends and lovers to be loyal to you. You seek acceptance from others.

Izzie Stevens


Derek Sheherd


George O'Malley


Meredith Grey


Preston Burke


Miranda Bailey


Cristina Yang


Alex Karev


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Meat Eater!   
11:05am 25/10/2007
mood: disappointed
My dad, raising his eyebrow says,"You know, there's meat in that right?"
Me, continuing to eat my broccoli salad , "Pfffft....very funny, no there is NOT."
He laughs, "Sorry kid, but there is....there are little tiny bits of real bacon in there."
"No there's not, Mom doesn't use that packet when she makes it."
"KRISTY...look at it...see those little pink bits...that's called bacon...and its made of pig...and you're eating it."
l look down at my salad.
"Okay, so why did mom put bacon in this if she's a vegetarian?"
My dad shrugs, "Sometimes, she needs to eat a little meat."
I throw the rest of my salad away, making whiney-bothered-noises.
My dad is still laughing at me.


That's probably the first time I've had bacon in....two years?  Maybe a bit less...maybe more?  I was trying to find the entry I made saying I was thinking about becoming a vegetarian, but it isn't in my memories, thus making it difficult to find.

Sasha will be pleased.  Hopefully one taste won't send me reeling into a meat-eating-flesh-thirsty-frenzy, not unlike a shark after it smells and tastes its first drop of blood.

Picture (in honor of another return to Davis)

Funfetti cake (senza bacon bits!) and coffee from ze CoHo.  Taken sometime in June 2006, my last day in Davis before moving to SD.

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Sweet Cup N Cakezz Venture   
12:45pm 18/10/2007
mood: "working"
Just found a plethora of amazing cupcake recipes here (yes, I'm at work, taking an office-slave break):

I am thinking White Russian Cheesecake Cupcakes for next Monday (today was "Pie Day" at work so there are going to be tons of leftover Marie Callendar pies tomorrow, didn't want to overload them with sweets)

I also bought a cookbook called 500 Cupcakes at the UCSD bookstore.  Epic.

So many cupcakes to bake, so little time!  In a completely ridiculous moment, I considered baking one cupcake a day, everyday, for a month.  What's stopping me? 
Time?  Patience?  Money? 
None of the above. 
It's what am I going to DO with all those cupcakes?  I picture myself on the streets (of La Jolla?), with a cardboard sign that reads "FREE CUPCAKEZ" in sharpie, getting sideway glances from passer-bys.

My ex-co-worker Cheryl is making me a "logo" for my non-existent cupcake business.  She wanted the practice for her portfolio in graphics design / digital arts.

Hmmm there is always that perfect (bakery?) space in University Heights that is leasing....who wants to invest in me?

I love how I'm finally updating and it's just some rambling about baking.  Goodness gracious.

Nutella Cups for Sash's Bday


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Laughable but Truthful?   
08:27pm 19/08/2007
mood: hot
"Wisdom?  You want wisdom?  Okay....here's my wisdom: always wear sunscreen......even......on your heart." - Olivia Pisano

My response: "You aren't allowed to make a quote like that while sober."

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In Chicago   
04:09am 13/07/2007
mood: blah
must not pass out and miss flight to mich.

sat next to fat man on the way here. no matter how much I squished myself against the window in fetal-like position, he still managed to brush his bulging thighs against me and 'accidently' graze my chest-area with his massive forearm. gross. hey, this may sound harsh but it is like 4am? my time and I got about 1 hr sleep total.

currently disgusted/surprised/dumbfounded by the 20- person line at mcdonalds and 3- person line at yummy-looking bagel bakery literally right next door to aforementioned nasty fastfoodjoint. would take pictures of ridiculousness but too tired. what are people thinking? hm, fresh warm and toasty bagel or nasty greasy pile of reheated crap? ugh.

Am very pink. wearing pink scrubpants (what? they are comfy!...ok I'm abit obsessed w/ them notgonnalie) with different shade pink hoodie.

can you tell by this entry I've been reading Bridget Jone's Diary? cuz I can.

I am kinda disappointed I am missing Nusha / threeamigos characters / jaredpants visits back in SD. however, I am quite excited to go bum about at my grandparents' house on the lake and get my jet ski on. heck yes.

thatisall. am delirious.

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Creepily Disgusting?   
08:37am 05/07/2007
mood: confused
This morning I walked up to my car to find 4 softball-sized clumps of brown human(?) hair scattered around my car.  One by one of the rear tires, one by the driver's side, one underneath on the passenger side (I saw it as I pulled out), and another directly behind my car.  Perhaps someone was performing some voodoo ritual? Thank goodness I'm a blonde.  Realistically, it was probably some sort of head-shaving and/or mohawk-construction.  Regardless, it was an interesting way to start my day.

Two completely unrelated asides:
The flavor of Extra watermelon gum lasts all of 5.2 seconds, approximately, it is pretty disheartening.
I love love LOVE when my tall-grizzly-intimidating-German boss wears Hawaiian shirts, SO amusingsauce.

Alright, real update complete with quotes to come when I'm not at work being a boldy kitten.

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Sometimes, I'm a character on Family Guy   
11:58pm 28/06/2007
mood: giggly
Family Guy:

Girl: I like animals.
Death: Uh huh.
Girl: 'cause they're like people, just, little furry people.
Death: Yeah, um, hey! You ever go on the internet? They got some cool stuff there on that internet.
Girl: Oh yeah. I bought these shoes from a company on the internet, because they don't test on animals.
Death: wow. [big sigh]
Girl: You know, animals never have war. War, is an invention of mankind.
Death: What the hell are you talking about? Animals fight all the time.
Girl: Not with nuclear arms. You can't hug your children with nuclear arms.
Death: [stares at her][touches her arm]
Girl: [falls down dead in her soup]
Death: Check please.

"Ohmy god... look.... that's us....we're Bailey's angels....Sasha'd be Drew Barrymore and you're Cameron Diaz and I'm Lucy Liu." - Lyric, insanely excited, as we catch the end of Charlie's Angels

"Yeah....that used to be you.... but just look at you now." - Sasha, very saucily, in reference to how my friends in high school said I was Krissy from Now and Then (watching it now)

"Bananas and coconuts do not grow on the same tree...that's false advertising" - Sash, on some rum commercial.
"Yeah...yet you don't know ducks fly." - Me

Bailey's Angels?

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Le Quotes   
10:07pm 27/06/2007
mood: restless
Some quotes from our little 'quote paper' that has been sitting here since the weekend:

"Why do I have to drink to have fun?" - Ross
"Because you're my friend and that's how we do things" - Dina

"You can't make 2 rules"  - Rennie  (I'm guessing this was in reference to Kings, I didn't hear this/don't remember)

"Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant motherfucker?  You can get a combo meal" - Dina

"I want balls again.....If I have them once then I want them everyday.....they're like heroin." - Sashbucket (tapioca balls, you perv)

"But how did the ducks get up in the tree in the first place?" - Sashbucket (re: me talking about Planet Earth)
"Um....ducks can fly" - Me
"Ooooooh yeaaaaah!" - Sashbucket  (This is why I'm the animal expert and she's the future doctor)

"L-Keet ~ went to get manwhore <3K" - This really isn't a quote but the note I left  Lyric when I went to get Rennie from the airport)

Lyrics, etc. (not lyrikeet)
Well you were spitting venom at most everyone you know
If you truly knew the gravity you'd know which way to go
Well let it drop

Let it drop
Let it all drop
Oh let it all fall off

Oh yes, I've become one of those people! :O

Cherry-pants, little red riding hood, etc.

1 year ago - Bailey has worms and I am a graduated kitten
2 years ago -  I'm in Siena, I would give my left leg to be there now.
3 years ago - Boys don't know how to dance
4 years ago - hornets attack and I'm a surprise kisser

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06:01pm 22/06/2007
mood: amused
Did Lyric really just say this?

"No... I would throw my baby away.... I'd be like... no!  I could never produce something this ugly"

I think she did.

And the weekend begins.

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Sometimes, the bunny is spot on   
12:47am 21/06/2007
mood: jaded

There is also this one (earmuffs)

 And this one.  A little bit.

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FYI: The Key is to Write Legibly   
06:50am 16/06/2007
mood: nervous
According to KAPLAN's CBEST book, the above is essential and one of their seven 'tips.'  I believe a Sasha phrase is in order here: are you kidding me with this?  Although I thoroughly appreciate all your comments to the previous entry, the people who told me how easy the CBEST is basically jinxed me and resulted in a complete lack of studying on my part.  Also, I still would like to note how incredibly embarrassing it would be if I failed it, especially after all those easiest-test-in-your-life comments!

I can't find the new Tegan and Sara on limewire so I just listen to it on their myspace over and over.  I was even willing to PAY moneys to download their two new songs but itunes didn't have 'em either.  Lamesauce, etc.  *cough*Jadinesendthemtome*cough*

Making my own eggs and coffee did not suffice this morning.  Why would I want to eat a brownish pair of fried eggs on top of some wheat toast when I could have a pile of scrambled eggs with avocado and salsa?  Don't even get me started on the coffee.  Oh Sasha, come back to me.

The parts of the CBEST that I most concerned about :
  • on-the-spot essay with limited time (you must understand it's basically been a year since I've had to write an essay or some sort, maybe it's like riding a bike?)

  • the geometry section of the math section.  Way rusty-sauce.

  • Not remembering all those basic and ridiculous formulas to find various areas and volumes.  Sometimes, my mind just goes blank.
The thing to keep in mind is I could totally be studying right now instead of writing this.  *le sigh* So hopeless.

The test site is literally a block away at USD, I'm definitely going to walk. 

Picture, to keep it lively

This picture was taken about a year ago.  Sarah Jone's birthday: Wiki Waki's at Cafe Bernardo's, followed by pitchers at the Silo Pub, then an impromptu dance party at Colleen/Kimmy's (I have no idea who started that *shift eyes*) to finish it all off right.  Not really a flattering picture of any of us, but pretty hilarious nonetheless.  I believe this picture was taken around 2pm or so, maybe earlier.

Remember when I was so strange and likeable ?

Quoting song lyrics is a clear sign of delirium.

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Hmm? What? Oh yes, thisismylife.   
12:54am 13/06/2007
mood: indescribable
CBEST is this Saturday.  I am way under-studied.  Hey, I know it is supposedly easy, but imagine how embarrassing it would be if I failed it.   Currently, however, I am leaning towards taking the CSET in mathematics so this might all be moot.

We shall see.

Today was a whirlwind, basically.  Got home from work, accidently passed out on the couch, was awoken by a non-Bailey bite.  Such fleas.  I then started checking him for fleas and found an obscene amount.  No really, pretty obscene.  After I noted this to Lyric, she then decided it needed to be taken care of asap.  I really should have been studying.  Venturing to the laundromat to rid ourselves of flea (possibly?)- ridden sheets, we thought up a gameplan.  Consequently, I ended up buying every possible feline flea cure in the nearby Rite Aid and Lyric said we had to bathe him. 

I don't think people really grasp what bathing a cat...nonetheless a cat likely Bailey...truely entails.

Upon my arrival home, I started up the bath and squeezed an ample amount of dishsoap in the tub.  Then it was the waiting game.  There was no way  I was going to attempt a cat bath without a backup (lyrikeet was still finishing her laundry).  Bailey eyed the tub nervously but didn't really suspect anything since I hadn't picked him up.  When Lyric arrived, I promptly wrapped Bails in a towel and dunked him with asapness.  You've never heard such howling (yes, Liv, even worse than cbarn).  After we figured he'd had enough (about 2.67 minutes) I wrapped him in some dry towels and cuddled him to death.  To my absolute horror, when I removed the towel there were many live squirming fleas trapped in the fabric.  Okay, so the internet possibly lies because I've read on multiple sites that soapy water asap kills fleas.  Jerks.  I screamed, Lyric screamed, it was kinda comedic.  Then I threw the towels in the tub and filled it with more soapy water.  To make a long story short, Bailey hates us because after that came squirting of anti-flea meds, combing, more squirting, more combing, CONE-ING, more combing, flea-collarnation, and worst of all, the sound of his arch-nemsis: the dreaded vacuum.

On top of all this, there is the absence of Sasha which is pretty much the culmination of any sort of depression.

On a happier note, Tegan and Sara's new songs rock my socks into oblivion, go downloadit/buyit/listentoitviamyspace.

Back when he was not flea-ridden, I used to let him sleep wherever he wanted. :O  !!

Yes, I should be sleeping, but I can't.  There is too much Bailey-yowling and too many Kristy-thoughts.

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This is way too perfect   
09:58pm 09/06/2007
mood: amused

Yeah, we are such kittens.  Also note this.


"Why doesn't he break through the glass?"  - estranged girl in Ice Spiders
"He's a spider, he doesn't know what glass is" - 'actor' in Ice Spiders

"No really, did they base her character on you?" - Lyric, on Sam in Garden State after the part where she does her 'original dance.'

New obsession: campy movies on SciFi (other favorite - Shark Attack 3 : Megladon)
They are just way too comedic.

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A Sasha-Style Entry   
11:17pm 08/06/2007
mood: missings
Number of times tonight fire alarm has been set off by the oven: 3
Amount of time watching Elizabethtown before realizing it was a horrible movie: 2.7 minutes
Amount of missing for Sasha: increasing
Amount of wishing I was going to Costa Rica with Sasha: exponentially increasing
Likelihood Bailcat still has fleas: very
Number of pink roses resting in a vase in our living room: 7
Possibility of coming up with any more of these number bullets: zero

"When you cremate me, will you put me in a pink urn?" - Me
"Only if you put me in a one with Kiss on it" - Lyric

"It looks like a pink octopus is attacking her head" - Lyric on a hat Sarah Jessica Paker was wearing on Sex and the City.

Picture for Kicks

Jared and Sasha and my artistic foot at Cbunch's Graduation Party

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02:15am 02/06/2007
Poll #995678 Airport Boredom Poll

which if the following are you most likely to do while bored at the airport?

fall alseep next to a stranger talking to himself at your gate
people watch and periodically glare at scantly clad strumpets and drunk old men
make an LJ poll via your nifty treo
pretend you are a kitten and batbatbat at the zippers on peoples luggage
work on lab data from experiments on drunk pregnant ratties

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Some People are Horrible   
09:16pm 20/05/2007
mood: bothered
My flight from San Diego to Oakland this past Friday was possibly one of the most uncomfortable flights I have ever experienced.  There wasn't any turbulence, I had a whole row to myself, and I did have my courtesy beverage.   Two drunkards, however, did sit behind me and brought my faith in humanity to a new low.   The woman was from Pleasanton, had a kid and a steady boyfriend of 3 months.  The man was married with one child and another on the way.  Without going into too much detail, let's just say the man was all about going back to the woman's place and committing unspeakable acts with her.  Well, to most people, they would be unspeakable, to this guy, these acts were not only completely speakable, but yellable. 

Alright, I think I can sum up how perverted and loud this guy was:  I know (supposedly) how long his penis is.  All this conversation happened (of course) during take-off and landing when I couldn't have my ipod on full blast.  I think the absolute highlight (lowlight?) of this pair's deplorable behavior was when the man whispered something in the woman's ear, got up to to go to the bathroom, then the woman also got up to "use the bathroom" a few minutes later.  I think they were both going for membership to the Mile High Club but were foiled by the stewardess who told them "No no no" as the man tried to pull the woman in the bathroom with him.   He tried to play it off like he was joking but it was pretty obvious he wasn't.  The icing on the cake: as we were landing he basically told the woman that if she told anyone about him wanting to get with her he would get her fired because he has "huge connections."

Just recounting their antics has put me in such a foul mood.  And trust me, my epic good mood brought on by Dog Day (made-up-name) in Walnut Creek was pretty hard to snuff.

On a different note, I Watched The Good Shepard and Pan's Labyrinth this past weekend with the fam.  The former was notsogood and boring, the latter was quite good and dynamic.  Although, I must say, the monster (you will know which one I am talking about it if you see it) in Pan's Labyrinth is pretty much the scariest creature imaginable.  Since I am very prone to nightmares, I am 100% positive I will have one about the creature sometime in the near future.

Picture of the Day

Tiny little doggy at the dog festival (made up name)

Non-human Animals > People

Some more pics here : Picasa Alblums

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Words are Overrated   
11:31pm 17/05/2007
mood: awake

If you would have told me six months ago that  "oh my bean" would become a common phrase in my San Diego household, I wouldn't have believed you for a milisecond.  Yet, Sasha and I have a tendency to use the phrase practically daily.  'Oh my bean' is used in a similar fashion and in similar situations as 'such sauce'.  'Such sauce' originated from 'weaksauce.'  'Weaksauce' was a common phrase at Foothill High School to describe something that was lame, uncool, or simply a sticky situation.  Kris (and many others) picked up weaksauce from me during my freshman year at UCD and started saying 'such sauce' as a variation of sorts.  'Oh my bean' originated from Kris' brother Eric.  I have no idea how he came up with the phrase.  I do know that I thought the phrase was completely ridiculous when I first heard it and scolded Kris whenever he used it.  Alas, I can't resist its charm... oh my bean.

Pictures are fun to look at

Kris and I went on a cruise to the Coronado Islands (Mexican waters) for his birthday.

Noteworthy Quips

"Stupid...burnt....coookies." - Sasha
"Well, the dough was really good!" - Me, cheerfully
"IS THE DOUGH IN MY MOUTH??!?!?! ......... NO!" - Sasha, very tempestuously  (11pm)

"You poop into my butt hole and I poop into your butt hole... back and forth... forever" - six year old (?) kid from Me and You and Everyone We Know telling his brother what to say to a person during an online scandalous chat.

"It smells like peanut butter...its taunting me.... *sings* taunnnnting meee!" - Sasha, referring to burnt cookie smell (11:51pm)

Trekking up to Northern California (per my father's request) this weekend via Southwest free standby passes (provided by my uncle).  I'm quite excited since I've been missing my family a lot lately.  Bay to Breakers on Sunday.  My best friend has been going every year for a while, but this will be my first time going.

I'm a fan of parentheses.

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